My favorite Macbook Air cannot handle games on high settings. Most of the time they have to be on low settings.

I love the Lenovo! You cannot get better than 2 discrete graphics cards and you can also easily access all hardware components, however, it looks like the surface can get pretty hot (109F). Maybe you could have a cooling pad to help keep components cooler? Looks like it averages 23fps on MAXIMUM for Guild Wars 2! Thats impressive for a laptop considering that Guild Wars 2 relies heavily on not just the GPU but the CPU as well!  Diablo III fps is impressive too! Alan Wake and Dishonored also have nice fps on this laptop. I've played all these games and they are graphics heavy so thats really impressive for a laptop. BRAVO!

If I wanted to run all the games at high settings I would rely on Alienware because it offers a good price for the hardware. It also has the best benchmarks, however I dont like the casing though with all the flashy lights and etc. Ive never used one but over the years I've seen them being used for gaming.The prices are good too ($1000) depending on which one you get. It also has two discrete graphics cards but it has an overclocked CPU which gives it a performance boost over other gaming laptops. Im also surprised at how cool it remains under load with an overclocked CPU to 4.1 GHz. The downside is that it is a bit heavy and can be a little loud but you have to keep things cool or risk frying everything!

Dell- 33.1fps for Battlefield 3 at only 1366x768 display. Not great. I never really liked Dell and I wasnt happy when Dell bought Alienware either (circa 2005).

Alienware (Dell)

Alienware review and review 2

MSIGT70- great benchmarks, but more expensive. It also has throttling problems at high temperatures...oops


Asus G75VW-great benchmarks, superior cooling system. Also a great choice next to Lenovo and Alienware.

What wrong with the Clevo? It also has two discrete graphics card and the surface temperature is cooler than the Lenovo.

....I really like the Lenovo Y500/Y580 though....IBM/Lenovo have always made great products that last longer. They are an older company I think so they have been in the market longer to make longer lasting products.

In the end I think two discrete graphics cards are necessary to play many of todays games on high settings. Its hard to depend on one GPU to handle all the graphics and still run smooth. Of course nothing is future proof but an ivy i7 matched with graphics cards in CrossFire/SLI connections helps keep up with today's and future gaming.



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