by RyanZ

    The new Razor NZXT H440 is beautiful; it gives your next rig character. It is both exquisite and sleek with the green aura Razor signature. This case is superior like the NZXT H440 with SECC Steel, ABS Plastic, 2-year warranty, seven expansion slots, and great radiator support. The Razor NZXT H440 is perfect for your next PC case.
    The NZXT also offers a great cooling system (liquid cooling support), filters, enough GPU clearance, effortless and optical cable management, and lastly support for Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX motherboards.  The outside of the case has two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports that are outlined in green instead of the standard 3.0 blue ports. The H440 case has three 120mm and one 140mm FN V2 case fans. In order to reduce vibration noise this case has HDD drive bays that are 100% steel.
     These cases are originally manufactured by a third party; NZXT. Razer does not build these cases, but they have their green licensing logo along with the signature green lights on the case. In addition, the power supply is included with Razer’s logo. Razer has told BECT Computing, that they are not ready with the system specs requirements for the Designed by Razer Program but they will have strict guidelines. Once BECT Computing does a video review of the Razer NZXT H440, they will see how much Razer has changed the original NZXT H440 and what exactly makes it the ‘Razer Edition.’



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