Many people around the world use Google Voice. When you activate your free account, it makes it easier to manage your voicemail and redirect your calls to multiple mobile devices using a different number that you choose. Some other important features are time of the day to ring certain phones, send calls directly to voicemail in groups, and the blocking features that give callers the message: “This number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.” You even have the choice to have Google transcribe your voicemails into text and have it sent directly to your phone via SMS text message without having to listen to your voice messages.
     Since Google Voice has started, most voicemails that have been transcribed to text are a ‘wee bit’ garbled. Some transcripts get the message across but now Google is asking for your help to make it better by allowing you to anonymously share all your voice messages with Google. They will automatically analyze the transcript to match the voicemails with their transcription systems. You have a choice to opt-out of submitting your Google voicemails if you choose not to share all your voice message information. We will see how much this improves Google transcribing automated systems.



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