by RyanZ

       It is starting to be that time of year again where Apple releases their next iPhone: The iPhone 6. What will it be this year? Jon Ive has designed an iPhone that is made completely of glass. Apple plans to release most of their product line of iPhones, iPads, and iMacs made completely out of glass.
       Apple recently has been able to patent a method of building all iOS Devices, monitors, and TVs with a flawless design made entirely of glass. How? Apple has found a way to adhere glass structures together and retain the internal circuit-board. It will be durable and lightweight and will include the sapphire glass to prevent damage to the phone. Instead of being a completely glass build, Apple proposes mending together pieces of glass structures. Sources say that it may released this fall 2014 along with a new housing of all iOS devices, monitors, and TVs. 

      Will this be durable enough for the iPhone 6? Surprisingly, Apple and Jon Ive still continue to be innovative as Apple continues to push forward without losing momentum.

What will Apple think of next?

Source(s): TechRadar, AppleInsider, iHelp



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