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     According to Business Insider, they have found a source suggesting that the iPhone 6 will release and hold an event September 9th, 2014. Every year it seems that many sources leak “rumors” about designs and release dates of Apple’s many famous products. Are these rumors true? The source of this information is called Nowhere Else, which is a French website that generally has a good track record. But are these rumors anywhere else?

     We have known that the iPhone would be released in September but not the exact date, so it’s no surprise.

Gizmodo notes: “Points against this being real? There are a few! The previous guide looked more complete, whereas this one appears to be some sort of draft, with no app icons to speak of. There are also several sensors that don't show up here that you would expect. That could mean it's fake, or that it's simply a streamlined version.

     It is a disappointment because Nowhere’s photo disproves the other rumors of a larger display. Their photo instead suggests a 4.7” iPhone and not a 5.5” display as previously “rumored.” Many Apple fans won’t be happy with it not sizing up with the Samsung Galaxy. Do we need a larger iPhone? When Steve Jobs first released the iPhone, he dreamed of a device that would fit nicely your pocket. Apple doesn’t need to compare its devices to Samsung since they stand on their own in their unique way. This change in larger phone is an interesting trend, but will it last?
     Other sources also say there may be two iPhone 6s released next month with the other iPhone having the larger 5.5" screen. This is shown with the front plate, home and volume buttons, and the dock connector for the iPhone 6. In addition there may be a lightning port for the iPhone 6L.

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