by BrianC.

Minecraft is both engaging and addicting. This game is the digital “LEGO” in a world of multiple dimensions and Microsoft just spent $2.5 billion to acquire Minecraft from Mojang last Monday. Why? This seems like an “outside of the box” move for Microsoft. This acquisition of Minecraft makes sense for two reasons: software and consumer time.

In the past several decades, Microsoft has dominated the operating systems for desktop personal computers, laptops, and now even tablets. Their software, on the other hand, such as products like Microsoft Office has not really been a hit but is the default software for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets alike. Internet Explorer is a separate issue since it is not the favorite in the general public, but despite Microsoft’s problem with software, it has invested all its time and money into transitioning into owning computing time in today’s market. The reason is that Microsoft used to have popular products, but that is no longer true.

Microsoft is currently battling companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google for time with the average consumer. Since Microsoft has many products in the office they have stepped out of the office into the world of gaming. This is why in 2001 they introduced the Xbox in order to boost their time with the consumer. However since then they have not really moved forward in the world of gaming, which is why Microsoft acquired Minecraft. The average gamer spends an average of 2 hours every day building in the world of digital LEGOs and that is great news for the owner, but they have yet to realize what direction they will take. While the game is very addicting, Microsoft’s only goal is to increase their time with the consumer and by now owning the future of Minecraft they will be successful.



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