Microsoft has showed us the future Windows 10. What happened to Windows 9? Well, Microsoft has decided to skip a number in their many versions of Windows. On Microsoft’s official blog post they made the following points about Windows 10:

Windows 10 will:

.    Build on our commitment to provide a common Windows platform and give you one consistent API layer with consistent UX design surfaces and flexible tools.

.    Enable Windows Store apps to run in a windowed environment on the desktop so that they perform better on a wider range of hardware.

.         Deliver one Store for all devices, making it easier for you to reach customers in consistent and compelling ways no matter what type of device they’re using. We’re also planning to make the Store more useful for corporations with volume app purchasing, more flexible distribution mechanisms, and the ability to create a custom or curated Store experience (note that the Windows 10 Preview contains the existing Windows 8.1 Store).

There are many problems with Windows 8. One is the fact that developers for software for Windows 8 do not take advantage of the touch tablet aspect of Windows 8. The most important issue with Windows 8 was combining both legacy desktop and touch/tablet mode. Microsoft should have separated the two and allow developers to take advantage of this feature in separate programs.

When Microsoft released the news about Windows 10 they also revealed the statistic that 1.5 billion people are using Windows every day. This is not true and may even be a little generous. The statistic is closer to 1.3 billion and decreasing. This is why Microsoft is trying to push the tablet in today’s computer industry.

The tablet in today’s computer market saw an exponential growth in the first half of 2014 because Apple, and not Microsoft, contributed to this initial growth. If the tablet were released today we would not see this explosive growth that is currently trending. This graph above shows that tablet market is just in its beginning stages and it will continue to grow. When you add Apple’s growth of the iPads you can see how the iPads trend similarly to the tablet growth market.

There is little evidence of tablets replacing PCs in today’s market while the tablet market may be growing. It is less that they are being replaced and more that products like the Microsoft Surface are an extension of Microsoft Windows. Tablets make today’s computing easier, mobile, and thanks to touch surface technology in cell phones consumers already know how to use tablets and this drives sales. In addition first time computer consumers are also buying tablets that are new to the personal computer industry. On the other hand, notebook sales have reached their maximum growth. Since we are in the digital age, tablets today can replace clipboards, notepads, and many forms.

The desktop and notebook cannot grow like the tablet, but are essential and are not leaving us any time soon. The reason the tablet today is growing is due to the fact that anyone can use a tablet without any prior knowledge. In addition, tablets are   key tool with workers today that are more mobile and on their feet instead of behind a desk. This is what Microsoft, Intel, and most PC companies are trying to push forward: the tablet.

Sources: via Ben Bajarin

Ben Bajarin is a Principal Analyst at Creative Strategies, Inc -



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When Windows 10 first came out, everybody wanted to switch back to Windows 7 and 8. They didn't like the appearance of it and the new controls were just far too complicated from the previous update. Personally, I think it would have been more successful had they taken the changes slowly by slowly, one by one. The update was far too complex. It was hard to keep up with all the changes in just one sitting. That is why many people wanted to go back to the Windows they were using before because the previous Windows were user-friendly. They were able to use without any hassle at all because if there were changes, it was introduced monthly so that the users will have time to get used to it and master it before a new update comes again.

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