Are you a gamer? Then you must know that the video gaming industry is starting to turn towards a virtual reality system as the next platform, which was started with the Oculus Rift. Apple has made many innovative products but what is next? The company is looking into the “next generation” computing with their Oculus Rift style headset. Recently they have increased interest in the virtual reality market.

Apple has patented an Oculus Rift 3D style headset, which as a goggle like appearance. They have also have an interesting feature for people with eyesight problems. Instead of wearing glasses underneath the headset, Apple will incorporate a feature that will alter the image so that it will be clearer to the viewer. Apple has started to become more serious about this virtual reality headset.

This is more than just another patent. Apple is looking for a software engineer "to develop a user interface and applications to create software experiences," says a recent job listing spotted by 9to5Mac. The description states: “"This engineer will create high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing." Hopefully this new direction that Apple is heading in will push their innovation forward.



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