Many users were surprised to find that Sunday evening when they visited the Craigslist website they were redirected to a site hosted at the domain DigitalGangster(dot)Com, as a result of a DNS hijack. According to, the attackers redirected requests to the New York Times website then back to the DigitalGangster(dot)Com (registered to “steven wynhoff @LulzClerk”.On Monday morning Craigslist is now back online and Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster released this statement:

"At approximately 5pm PST Sunday evening the craigslist domain name service (DNS) records maintained at one of our domain registrars were compromised, diverting users to various non-craigslist sites.

This issue has been corrected at the source, but many internet service providers (ISPs) cached the false DNS information for several hours, and some may still have incorrect information.

If you are unable to reach the craigslist site, please ask your network provider or tech staff to flush all * and * entries (A,CNAME,SOA) from their DNS servers."



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This issue has been revised at the source, however numerous web access suppliers (ISPs) stored the false DNS data for a few hours, and some might in any case have erroneous data.

02/29/2016 11:59am

It seems really technical that someone the hijack the DNS of Craigslist site. It's really bad. Thy should make their security system more strong. Also some one have used a lot of brain for it.


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