Finally! The wait is over! You can start to pre-order your Razer NZXT H440 Case for $149.99: PRE-ORDER!. The gaming community has been waiting a LONG time for this much anticipated case after it was announced some time ago at E3 2014. This case has the same features as the NZXT H440 but this one has the Razer designs with their green glowing signatures. Razer does not exactly say when they will be shipped but they state they will "begin shipping in time for the holidays." Reserve yours while supplies last! Read more about the case here: Razer NZXT H440 Case Review.


05/11/2016 2:05pm

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oh thank you for updating us with this news. My brother has been waiting for this and I am sure he would love to buy this once it is available in our country. He has been a gamer ever since college so I suppose he would not neglect this news and gonna recommend this to his gaming friends. I hope you continue to update us with anything about gaming and such. Thank you and more power to this blog.


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