After days of instability with North Korean internet, Monday morning, 1,024 Internet protocol addresses in North Korea went dark for over an hour. It has gone completely dark in one of the worst North Korean network failures in years. 

The internet in North Korea collapsed after President Obama promised that the United States would respond to the recent attacks on Sony Pictures. These attacks have been linked to North Korea but there is no distinctive evidence yet.

The director of Internet analysis, Doug Madory, at Dyn Research, an Internet performance management company, mentioned that the "internet access in North Korea became unstable late Friday. The situation worsened over the weekend, and by Monday, North Korea’s Internet was completely offline."

“Their networks are under duress,” Mr. Madory said. “This is consistent with a DDoS attack on their routers,” he said, referring to a distributed denial of service attack. A DDoS attack is caused when attackers crowd a network with an insurmountable amount of traffic until it shuts down. "All we know for sure is that their networks are under duress and we have not seen this kind of outage there before.” CloudFlare, an Internet company based in San Francisco, also confirmed Monday morning that North Korea’s Internet was down.

Surprisingly according to some sources North Korea actually apparently does not perform commercial or government business via the Internet. Compared to the United States which has billions of internet protocol address, while North Korea has 1,024 Internet protocol addresses.

What caused this? Maintenance issues? Mr. Madory said that "such problems most likely would not have caused such a prolonged, widespread loss."

Was this attack of American origin?


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That’s really interesting news regarding North Korean loses its internet link. Specialists who monitor the global Internet health described it is one of the most awful North Korean network failures in years.

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I had read the BBC news about this issue that Stephen Evans in Seoul says the assault on the internet of North Korea might be meant as a point to Kim Jong-UN that his nation was defenseless.

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