Today at least 1.16 million payment cards were compromised as a result of a recent Staples hack. At least 115 stores (list provided here) were infected from a recently discovered data breach which was possibly caused by malware through Staples' point-of-sale (PoS) systems.

“Staples believes that malware may have allowed access to some transaction data at affected stores, including cardholder names, payment card numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes. At 113 stores, the malware may have allowed access to this data for purchases made from August 10, 2014 through September 16, 2014. At two stores, the malware may have allowed access to data from purchases made from July 20, 2014 through September 16, 2014.”


Now its allowed to access or not.


Where technology has made our life easy, it also has its own disadvantages. Data breach is the common problem that is caused by software hacking. It is just surprising how people find it amusing to cause others problems.

08/02/2016 3:51am

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