The Lizard Squad continues to be in the news this holiday season. Yesterday the hacking group took down Xbox Live and on Christmas Day thousands of people are having problems with not just Xbox Live but also the Sony Playstation Network gaming network. It seems that Sony is getting hacked left and right these days.

The group comments on twitter: 

"jingle bells jingle bells xbox got ran, oh my fun it is to troll of you morons ... hey!"

— Lizard Squad December 25, 2014

These networks allow users of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 gaming consoles to connect with Microsoft and Sony servers in order to buy games and connect with other players. 

The "Lizard Squad" continues to be responsible for the denial of service attack (DDoS) of these networks. A DDoS attack is caused when attackers crowd a network with an insurmountable amount of traffic until it shuts down. Sony and Microsoft said they were both investigating the situation. The Microsoft current posted on the online page: "Having a tough time signing in?" read a service alert on the Xbox support page. "Don't worry! We're working to fix this right away!" Sony also responded with: "We are aware that some users are reporting issues accessing PSN this morning. Thanks for your patience as we investigate."

The Lizard Squad comments again:

"What should we let back online?
RT for XBOX 

FAV for PSN"

UPDATE: Liquid Squad comments: "Taking down Microsoft and Sony networks shows the companies' inability to protect their consumers and instead shows their true vulnerability. Lizard Squad claims that their actions are simple, take down gaming networks for a short while, and forcing companies to upgrade their security as a result."



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