As popular as Windows 7 has been among users, this past week the support for Windows 7 ended: end of free support for Windows 7. It is an attempt to get Windows 7 users to move to Windows 8 and eventually to the new Windows 10 when it comes out.

So what does this mean for your machines running Windows 7 right now? Microsoft will continue to have Windows 7 updates so your computer is protected for now. Your systems are covered for now as only the free help and support are no longer offered. You can still get support but Microsoft will charge for help with the software. In the year 2020, Microsoft will put Windows 7 in complete darkness.

Originally, Windows 7 was available in 2009 with 100 million copies and it is still very popular, more stable than Windows Vista, and it is running half of the world's PCs. On January 21st Microsoft will make an announcement about Windows 10 (after skipping the name Windows 9), so stayed tuned.


11/16/2015 1:31am

Well, I haven't hear any news about ending the Microsoft support for Windows 7 but pretty sure that in 2020 many things will be changed and I think something new will replace this Windows. Above all, I am agree with you in all the matter you've discussed.


It is all business as usual. When all these Windows updates will end? It looks more like an endless pursuit of the latest new thing. It is like purchasing cars: the only difference is that the sedans or SUVs are worth several hundred of thousand dollars whereas the Windows operating system just runs in hundreds or a thousand at least. I have to concede the latest versions are way better than the fearlier ones when Windows are still in grey color.


Sometimes an error message that appears on screen is "Error 1603: A dangerous error occurred during installation". When you click on ALRIGHT button, Windows Installer installation rolls back.

01/11/2018 2:07am

As an operating system, Microsoft Windows truly offers us the best among all the best. If we look back the evolution of it, from Windows 1.0, we can literally see the changes and innovations happened over the past 32 years. Because of the advent of technology, the lifestyle of every individual becomes more upgraded. More business companies are now achieving their goals and vision, workers can now easily do their job as the newest and updated Microsoft Windows offers a lot of things. Truly, human should go with the flow as the technology of this era rise in different fields.


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