For the first time Facebook has launched their first TV ads in Australia and Canada this week, according to AdNews. Facebook wants to initiate the non-profit initiative to have affordable or free internet access in developing countries that do not have internet access. A Facebook spokesperson to AdNews: "The regional campaign shows that the more we connect, the better the world becomes."

Their goal is show how people in developing countries without internet access  have already achieved phenomenal acts.


03/20/2015 3:12am

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01/23/2017 10:47pm

For the first two months that existed, there were no ads at all on the site. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and cofounder, claimed to be less interested in making money than making users happy. The ad-free days didn't last long, though. Since then, Zuckerberg and Facebook seem to have made it part of their mission to make its ad units more engaging and sophisticated. As a marketer, ads are really important in our line of business. Thanks for sharing this article!

12/16/2015 7:27am

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TV has long been one of the best platforms for marketers to build their brands.Now facebook has launched its first major TV advert.


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