The Windows 10 release is coming up soon and surprisingly AMD has mistakingly released when we expect that date to be. Microsoft Windows 10, the successor to Windows 8 will be released late July. This new OS is Microsoft's attempt to get Windows XP and Windows 7 users to upgrade too since Windows 7 and Windows XP seem to be the favorite. AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, let slip the date during a quarterly earnings conference call:

What we also are factoring in is, you know, with the Windows 10 launch at the end of July, we are watching sort of the impact of that on the back-to-school season, and expect that it might have a bit of a delay to the normal back-to-school season inventory build-up.

Windows 10 will be free to download for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows phone. There is a catch though because you must upgrade within a year or you will be charged extra to upgrade.


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