The new generation of Apple TV will have many new apps, a new streaming TV Service, but it will not support 4K videoBuzzFeed News‘ John Paczkowski states that the highest resolution that the new Apple TV will support is 1080p because the 4K technology is “still in its infancy.”

The interesting thing is that the A8 chip should be able to handle 4K resolutions but the market just isn’t there yet. Many consumers right now are not buying 4K monitors or TVs so Apple believes that until there is a large market for 4K resolutions the Apple TV will have to only support 1080p. Companies such as Amazon and Netflix currently do not have much 4K content for that reason. You also have to consider to find consumers with both compatible TVs and fast internet access. The internet access speed for most consumers in the United States is slow but that should change as Google Fiber begins to expand its network. While this is disconcerting for consumers with 4K TV and fast internet, it will not take very long for the 4K resolution market to grow and at that point, Apple may release a firmware update that will unlock its capabilities of supporting 4K resolution.


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