The NSA is attempting to test gesture recognition to one day replace passwords. This gesture recognition will have software that will recognize the user's writing style. While this technology is not at all new to biometrics, the NSA is looking into technology developed by Lockheed Martin called Mandrake Secure Gesture. This software will recognize swipes and the user's writing style to authenticate the user.

This computer software called Mandrake will have gesture recognition technology that will aid in authentication of encryption and decryption of digital files like video, text, audio, and other multimedia files. In addition the software will analyze pressure, rhythm, and the time elapsed to carry out the writing gestures. While it is unknown if the NSA has executed this protocol yet, it is possible that gesture recognition would be safer than current passwords for protecting the authenticity of the end-user.

Currently, Lockheed and mobile risk management provider Fixmo have collaborated on the same authentication technology for mobile devices. It is predicted that 30% of organizations will use this biometric authentication on mobile devices compared to the current 5% in 2014.


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