Intel's "Cannonlake" chips will be behind schedule by six months. This shows evidence that Intel hasn't released a CPU using "Moore's law" cycle. This is similar to when the Broadwell, Haswell, and Ivy Bridge chips were behind schedule. This delay was caused by the having to build the transistors so small. CEO Brian Krzanich said that "the last two technology transitions have signaled that our cadence today is closer to 2.5 years than two."

Intel will release "Kaby Lake" 14-nanometer chips based on the previous-gen Skylake architecture. Krzanich mentioned "we expect that this addition to the roadmap will deliver new features and improved performance, and pave the way for a smooth transition to 10-nanometer." 

PC demand is getting weaker than expected and will get worse. Krzanich commented on Windows 10:  "A lot of the really good features of Windows 10 -- things like Windows 10 Hello, where you have facial log in, and you don't have to use all your passwords, the Start screen, the touch usages of gaming as the new games come to this product -- those are going to run with PCs that have the latest features." 



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